[Doc-SIG] Simplified table syntax proposals (reStructuredText )

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:20:08 +0100

From: David Goodger [mailto:goodger@users.sourceforge.net]
> Moore, Paul wrote:
> > I find option (3) almost totally unreadable.
> Did you look at this example?  It's much clearer:
>     http://docutils.sf.net/spec/notes.html#bugs
> The example in the problems.txt file shows all possible 
> variations in a single small table, so it's bound to be
> difficult.

Yes, that looks a *lot* better. I think the limitation of not being able to
have multi-line cells could be significant, but otherwise it looks

Depends on what the design constraints are (functionally complete, vs easy
to enter, vs easy to read in raw form, ...) I don't have enough use cases to
judge on that. I get the impression that functional completeness has been a
criterion in previous cases, though.