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David Abrahams David Abrahams" <david.abrahams@rcn.com
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 17:59:14 -0500

I'll see what I can do. It would help to have some guidance as to:

* What needs to be done
* What format(s) would be appropriate (patches to TeX source, plain
* What approach to take (e.g. "just document what the existing Python
source does", or "ask Guido what the intended functionality is and
transcribe what he says")
* ...etc. (I'm sure you can think of more).


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> The development version of the documentation has been updated:
>     http://python.sourceforge.net/devel-docs/
> Started to update the Extending & Embedding manual with information on
> new support for types.
> There's still a long way to go -- contributions welcome!
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