[Doc-SIG] verse construct (was Re: [Docutils-develop] Parsing oddness)

David Goodger goodger@users.sourceforge.net
Sat, 11 May 2002 12:50:10 -0400

Paul Moore wrote:
> The bulk of what I'm now saying is in terms of generalities.  I'm
> really arguing that we have now reached a stage where a more
> conservative approach is called for.

I agree completely.

> Specifically, no new syntax should be added -

I'd add, "... without a thorough review".  That's one of the reasons
I'm holding off on the `auto-enumerated lists`__ proposal.

__ http://docutils.sf.net/spec/rst/alternatives.html#auto-enumerated-lists

> directives form our extension mechanism,


> and we should concentrate on consolidating the core, and if
> appropriate, building our "standard library".

By your use of "we" and "our", can I assume that you'll be ramping up
your involvement?  Great!

> BTW, significant indentation? That could be hard - input is
> monospaced font, but output is proportional, so preserving the
> *appearance* of an indent won't be that easy.

Alignment of bits of text within lines can't be guaranteed, but the
line indentation itself (relative positions of just the left edges)
should be trivial.

> > I've rearranged the text of the directive definition to reflex this
> > emphasis:
> > 
> >     http://docutils.sf.net/spec/rst/reStructuredText.html#directives
> I'd add a bit more.

Noted and added.  Thanks!

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