[Doc-SIG] converting tex? use of docbook?

Ian Atkin ianatkin@blueyonder.co.uk
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:37:51 +0100


python newbie very interested in tech writing
while learning python i'm focusing on doc systems, tool-chains etc
comming from a java/xml/xslt/docbook background and want to dive in to 
python's doc platform

here's my views (to prevent flames, not provoke :-)
- structured markup is a Good Thing
- xml's simplicity outweighs sgml's power (in the end)
- tool-chains are a mess, so whatever works...
- authoring is in a state, so whatever syntax folks are prepared to use 
is sound
- docbook is a beast, but a beautiful one :-)

here's my questions:-
- is there any motivation to move python's doc format to xml docbook? 
can i contrib/promote in any way? (i read a mention of a "python doc 
project" like the ldp)
- what "types" of document are most commonly used/wanted in the python 
distro/apps and do these require unique markup?
- are there any open tools (or chains) around to convert tex source into 
xml (xslt scripts can do the rest)?

i've got loads of other questions and ideas, but need to fathom the 
world of python doc tools (docutils, happydoc, etc) in order not to 
appear more stupid than i am, expect more mails...