[Doc-SIG] sub/superscript directive?

Frank Siebenlist franks at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Dec 5 12:34:02 EST 2003

Dear RST gurus,

I'm trying to use the (somewhat undocumented) sub/superscript directives in RST, 
but I always seem to end up with a space between the sub/superscripted character 
and the one in front of it in the HTML output.

For example, what works is :    A `i`:sub:

but this leaves a space between the A and the subscripted i.

Removing the space between "A" and "`i`:sub:" doesn't get throught the RST 

I'm using the buildhtml.py script to generate the HTML.

Thanks, Frank.

Frank Siebenlist               franks at mcs.anl.gov
The Globus Alliance - Argonne National Laboratory

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