[Doc-SIG] Updates to Docutils

David Goodger goodger@python.org
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 22:00:54 -0500

I just checked in a change to docutils/frontend.py, removing some nasty
internals-fiddling code (in ``ConfigParser.get_section()``) and replacing it
with simpler, correct code (possibly a bit slower, but so what).  This was
prompted by bug reports from Fred Drake and Guido van Rossum (thank you!),
who ran Docutils with the newly-released Python 2.3a1, in which some
ConfigParser internals had changed.

There may be another bug that only shows up with Python 2.3, but I won't be
able to check it until Thursday or Friday.

Anybody using Python 2.3 should definitely get the latest Docutils code from
CVS or from the snapshot: <http://docutils.sf.net/docutils-snapshot.tgz>.

Happy New Year!

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