[Doc-SIG] Re: German Umlauts

David Goodger goodger at python.org
Tue Jul 15 22:20:54 EDT 2003

Apologies for not replying sooner; email trouble.

I see that you've found a solution to the main problem.
That's good, because I don't know anything about Zope or ZWiki.
I'll answer specifics that I do know about.

Christian Tismer wrote:
 > I've started using reStructuredText for my Wiki pages,
 > and I like RST quite much.

Great to hear!

 > The simple HTML way of ü doesn't work (why?).

Because reStructuredText isn't HTML and doesn't understand XML-style
character entities.  There is a workaround if you really need them;
see <http://docutils.sf.net/FAQ.html>, question 2.7.

 > What would be the most flexible default
 > encoding for a multilingual website?

UTF-8, definitely.  I don't know about input issues though (edit boxes
on web pages).

 > Without doing that, by using a single non-ASCII character,
 > a reStructuredText ZWiki page barfs with an ugly traceback,
 > which finally just says "UnicodeError".
 > I think it would be worth adding a better message which tells
 > the administrator that he should enable unicode handling by
 > providing some default encoding.

The latest Docutils code handles errors better.  I don't know if that
helps with ZWiki though; it probably uses an older snapshot of
Docutils code.

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