[Doc-SIG] Release strategy

David Priest priest at sfu.ca
Fri Jun 20 11:02:43 EDT 2003

On 20 Jun 2003 at 12:50, David Goodger wrote:
> I hope to get 0.3 out this weekend.  There are a couple of small
> issues remaining, and I suddenly got busy with other things.

Although my DocUtils XSL -> XSL-FO transformations aren't complete 
(the largest gap, by far, is in page sequencing), should I perhaps 
toss it out to y'all anyway?

I'd started out hacking Walsh's DocBook XSL transformations, but 
they're simply enormous and complex, and not well-suited for the 
limited number of tags generated by DocUtil's DocBook transformation. 
 Throwing my hands up in despair, I decided I'd just best learn 
XSL/XSL-FO myself, and start from scratch.

I've tried to make the file easy to customize, and I'm sure there are 
far better approaches to some of what I've done (in terms of making 
it all less deterministic, so that it's able to deal better with 
unusual tag combinations), but it is, in my humble opinion, a fine 

I wouldn't mind receiving a few sample files to test my 
transformations.  They're currently directed at publishing a 
technical reference manual, and nothing else; this has limited 
ability to exercise all the tags and combinations of tags.

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