[work] Re: [Doc-SIG] Hello and feedback

David Priest priest@sfu.ca
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 08:09:59 -0800

<grubert@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> OTOH: much might be done by preprocessor postprocessor and plugins.
> * a preprocessor simply fixes some special constructs and emits reST.
> if this is successful it might become a new reader.
> * postprocessing is similar but specialiced to the writer the preceeds 
> it.
> on success make it a writer (option).
> * a plugin might be considered an external transform:
> might be done by two stage docutils:

It's worth checking out ASCIIDoc.  It was within a hair of being just 
enough functionality to allow me to do my technical publications with it.  
If it had had tables support, I probably would have stopped my search 
 ASCIIDoc uses a config file to move some simple functionality out of the 
program, but at the same time keep it out of the source text files.  This 
includes substitutions (word, character, and tag) and regex macros.  It was 
the regex macro capability that made it possible to arbitrarily extend 
ASCIIDoc for my needs, without modifying the application installation.
 Anyway, I think Steve's ASCIIDoc has some ideas worth stealing.  I 
especially like his comments, sidebars, and boxes markup.  Most intuitive.