[Doc-SIG] docutils issues

David Goodger goodger at python.org
Tue Oct 7 20:58:52 EDT 2003

Dethe Elza wrote:
 > I'm trying to build a lightweight templating system around docutils.
 > If there are errors, I want the option of allowing the error to be
 > processed normally (resulting in an HTML fragment with embedded
 > error messages) or throw an exception (so I can trap it and display
 > the text instead).

Use the "--traceback" option ("traceback" setting) to allow exceptions
to propagate to the calling code.  The program logic for exception
handling is in docutils.core.Publisher.publish().  Use "--report"
and/or "--halt" options ("report_level" & "halt_level" settings) for
fine control.  See <http://docutils.sf.net/docs/config.html>,
"[general]" section, for details.

 > I've found that if the docutils processor is running on a file, I
 > cannot get it to throw an exception all the way out to the calling
 > method (it traps and processes it internally), while if I use a
 > StringIO it causes exceptions that don't show up in the file
 > processing.

I suspect this may be a red herring.  What Python version?  There's a
StringIO bug in Python 2.1 or 2.2.

 > Docutils appears to be using the file object as it's state machine
 > and calling methods which aren't part of the StringIO.  Finally, if
 > I use a StringIO, I have trouble with the include directive.

I don't follow.  Please provide some supporting evidence.

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