[Doc-SIG] Docutils autonumbered lists

Dethe Elza dethe.elza at blastradius.com
Fri Oct 10 14:04:24 EDT 2003

Hi all,

David, thanks for your reply to my last issue, we seemed to have solved 
it by having the requirements change underneath us...

I'll try to find the place where the state machine seemed to be poking 
through (and dependant on file vs. StringIO).  It had to do with how 
the include directive finds it's source directory.  Of course, finding 
the source directory from a string (vs. a file) will be *problematic* 
in any case. %-)

Today's issue is autonumbered lists.  Since ordered lists autonumber 
themselves by default (in HTML), this seems like it would be easily 
accomplished, and I thought I remembered the notation:

#. list item one
#. list item two
#. list item three

But after trying it and going through the docs, I appear to have 
substituted footnote notation for list notation.  Is there a clear and 
present reason why we don't do autonumbering for lists?  What is the 
order of magnitude of the work needed to add it?

I also wanted to share a success story.  After proseletizing 
restructured text around the office, I finally gave up.  Recently I was 
asked to implement a lightweight content repository and reST came up as 
a possible feature.  So now we have a lightweight CMS with search 
integrated over both reST and Word documents (and our issue tracking 
and versioning systems), with portal-type templating, automatic reST 
processing, filesystem and webserver integration.  It's been relatively 
straightforward, very successful, and now everyone in the office is 
learning to use reST.



"Well I've wrestled with reality for thirty-five years now, doctor, and 
happy to state I've finally won out over it." -- Elwood P. Dowd, Harvey

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