[Doc-SIG] [development doc updates]

Beni Cherniavsky cben at users.sf.net
Sat Nov 13 18:19:28 CET 2004

Fred L. Drake wrote:
> - Textual navigation links on the top navigation bar have been
>   removed.  (These are a subset of the iconic links still present.)
This is harmful for keyboard-dominated surfing which is very important for 
some people (think disabilities) and is just very convenient on Firefox.  If 
there was a textual "Index" link, I could just type some prefix of "index" 
until it finds the link and press Enter.  Same for "Contents".

For "Previous"/"Up"/"Next", there are textual links at the bottom following 
these words so I can type "prev", press Tab to select the link and press Enter 
to follow it.  Still, I would prefer if these words were part of the link 
itself (to avoid the need to press tab) and I request that textual 
Contents/Index links be provided as well.  And it would be optimal if textual 
links were provided at the top, so that stray words like "index" in the text 
will not disturb the keyboard navigation habits.

If you ask me, I would just scratch the images in favor of text but this is a 
matter of taste...

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The alpha and omega, unchanging and unwilling to act."
--- Chris Cioffi against PEP 336 (Make None Callable) on c.l.python.

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