[Doc-SIG] Big latex subscript font using python.sty and manual.cls

Bo Peng ben.bob at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 03:47:55 CET 2005

Dear list,

I am writing a manual for my python extension using Python (2.4) latex
classes. Everything seems to be fine except that the subscripts are as
big as normal text ( see page 55 of
http://bp6.stat.rice.edu:8080/simuPOP_doc/userGuide.pdf ). I doubt
that the following piece of code in python.sty is causing the problem
but can not fix it. (I get errors when commenting out this block of
code.) Does anyone know what is happening here? Maybe there is a font
size setting somewhere?

Note that the subscripts are OK if I use other classes like report.cls.

Many thanks in advance.


%%%%% in python.sty %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
% This gets the underscores closer to the right width; the only change
% from standard LaTeX is the width specified.

  \leavevmode \kern.06em\vbox{\hrule\@width.55em}}

% Underscore hack (only act like subscript operator if in math mode)
% The following is due to Mark Wooding (the old version didn't work with
% Latex 2e.


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