[Doc-SIG] Python docs in reST

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Wed May 18 15:36:56 CEST 2005

> The reasons **I** am unhappy with the existing tools [#]_ (i.e. epydoc) 
> is that they don't allow me to mark constants/functions/classes/methods 
> as private, and they don't allow me to document constants.

Epydoc does have the ability to avoid including private objects in the
generated docs. Even when you include them, it generates two versions of
the docs, one with and one without them.

> You could overcome these problems by parsing source code rather than 
> importing and examining objects. You would obviously need to develop 
> appropriate conventions.

That's how HappyDoc works. Maybe someone could try and merge (or rather,
cherry-pick features from) the two tools. ;-)

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