[Doc-SIG] Python docs in reST

Felix Wiemann Felix.Wiemann at gmx.net
Sun May 22 02:03:16 CEST 2005

Ian Bicking wrote:

> If the documentation is able to have intelligent interlinking, that'd
> also be great; my experience with ReST is not great here, as it makes
> strong distinctions between same-page links and external links.

Yes.  It would be nice if Docutils were able to merge several input
documents into one, so that you could use internal links to link between
the parts (input files).

> Though maybe that could be easily fixed with a two-phase build
> process; ReST identifies the links, outputs HTML, and then I resolve
> all the links in a separate phase.

This is more a hack (sorry), because you'd have to mess with HTML code.

A clean implementation would have to deal with multiple input files and
multiple output files as distinct and independent concepts, i.e. you
shouldn't need to have a 1:1 relation between input and output files.  I
don't have enough time (and interest) to develop such multi-file support
at the moment, though.  It may become important when we try to convert
the standard docs to reST, though.

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