[Doc-SIG] [Python-Dev] The docs, reloaded

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Mon May 21 12:54:36 CEST 2007

    >> You must realize that people will use the core tools to create
    >> documentation for third party packages which aren't in the core.  If
    >> you replace LaTeX with something else I think you need to keep math
    >> in mind whether it's used in the core documentation or not.

    Martin> I disagree. The documentation infrastructure of Python should
    Martin> only consider the needs of Python itself. If other people can
    Martin> use that infrastructure for other purposes, fine - if they find
    Martin> that it does not meet their needs, they have to look elsewhere.

Then I submit that you are probably removing some significant piece of
functionality from the provided documentation toolchain which some people
probably rely on.  After all, that's what LaTeX excels at.  They will be
able to continue to use the old tools, but where will they get them if they
are no longer part of Python?


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