[Doc-SIG] development docs waste a lot of horizontal space

Forest list8a.forest at tibit.com
Thu May 8 00:24:11 CEST 2008

Hi, folks.

I was just browsing the development docs, and noticed that the new
left-side navigation bar wastes a lot of horizontal space on the web page.
 It fills nearly a third of my browser window (at its usual size) with
useless blank space, at the expense of the pertinent information.  This
makes it harder to get much use out of a docs window placed next to my
editor window, since I am now forced to switch active windows and/or
scroll around the docs window just to read the section I'm working with. 
In a few cases, it leaves space for so few words per line that even the
visible part of the docs actually become harder to read (especially with
text justification).

For comparison, here are screen shots from the old and new documentation:

Is this side bar going to be present in the final release of the python
2.6 docs?  I hope not.  It's a significant loss in readability, IMHO.

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