[Doc-SIG] Request for Eyeballs: Python Project Howto

John Kleint jkleint at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 06:19:35 CEST 2009

Thanks for the feedback.  I've incorporated your suggestions.

> You say you don't cover setuptools, but you do use easy_install...

> Once the work Tarek Ziade is doing is more complete, both on distutils
> and Distribute (setuptools replacement), it would be great to see the
> HOWTO updated to cover them.

Yeah; at the moment, easy_install seems to be the most common way to
get Python packages, and distutils seems to be the simplest, most
common way to create them.  From what I gather the Python packaging
landscape is in flux, but when there's a good replacement for
distutils and easy_install, I'll be happy to include it.

> Maybe move licensing to be nearer choosing a project host.
> You often have to have already chosen a license when you choose
> a host, so putting them together makes sense.

I added a pointer to the license section at the beginning, but
licensing can be a bit daunting and I don't want to scare anybody off
too soon.  :)

> Mention Pyflakes and Pychecker when you mention Pylint?


> In testing resources you should link to the Python Testing Tools Taxonomy:
> http://pycheesecake.org/wiki/PythonTestingToolsTaxonomy

Wow - I had no idea there were so many testing tools for Python.

> Please, when describing how to build the uploadable packages, as well
> as setup.py sdist, add in a recommendation to build and upload
> setup.py bdist_wininst.

Thanks, I didn't know it was a pain for Windows users.  I'm going to
go make Windows installers for my own packages.


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