[Doc-SIG] Translations

Robert Lehmann robert at robertlehmann.de
Wed Jul 7 10:06:27 CEST 2010

Dear Python Documentation community,

we are proud to announce the *BETA* launch of the translation services
for the official Python documentation as part of Google's Summer of
Code. It is available from


and is open for registration now. We have added a few languages that
we felt would generate enough feedback but are always happy to add
more language teams.

Please note that the software toolchain used to create this service is
still experimental and might probably change substantially. We are
trying our best to maintain stable services but cannot guarantee every
bit you submit will be ultimately usable in our final translation

If you are experiencing any trouble, want to bring up any suggestions
or have other feedback do not hesitate to contact me or file a ticket
at http://bitbucket.org/lehmannro/sphinx-i18n/issues

Robert Lehmann

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