[Doc-SIG] python-dbc (epydoc-based Design-by-Contract validator)

Alex Myodov amyodov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 14:09:48 CET 2010


I would like to notify the community about the availability of new 
python-dbc module, allowing one to perform basic design-by-contract 
checks using the docstring definitions in epydoc format. No public 
releases has been done yet, but the home page with overall instructions 
is created at http://python-dbc.googlecode.com/ and the code is 
available at https://python-dbc.googlecode.com/hg/ (this is a Mercurial 
repository, use hg clone).

At the moment, the primary functionality available is the validation of 
@precondition/@postcondition/@type/@rtype docstring fields in every 
function wrapped using @contract_epydoc decorator. The code is early, 
lacks a proper amount of unit tests and documentation, and definitely 
may have bugs for now, but it is stress-tested at the moment in internal 
projects, so far so good. The future plans include allowing to use the 
@contract_epydoc decorator to wrap the classes, thus making possible to 
add the support of @invariant fields in the class docstrings.

With best regards,
	Alexander Myodov
email: amyodov at gmail.com <mailto:amyodov at gmail.com>
My LinkedIn page <http://ru.linkedin.com/in/amyodov>,^en MoiKrug page 
<http://honeyman.moikrug.ru/>,^ru LiveJournal blog 

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