[Doc-SIG] Bengali India translation co-ordination

Julien Palard julien at palard.fr
Sat Jun 10 04:22:38 EDT 2017


We have two variations, bn_IN and bn_BD, the words are different enough that
we should have both translated separately.

OK, thanks for the clarification, I'm adding you as the coordinator for bn_IN: https://github.com/python/devguide/pull/225

Are you aware of any existing translation that can be imported or are you starting from scratch? I think, if you start from scratch, you can use the existing transifex [1].

For the repository (github.com/python/python-docs-bn-in) tell me (or anyone on #python-infra) to create it when you'll need it.

[1]: https://www.transifex.com/python-doc/public/

Julien Palard
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