[Doc-SIG] Brazilian Portuguese translation coordinate

Marco Rougeth marco at rougeth.com
Tue Jun 20 00:38:15 EDT 2017

Hi Julien,

Welcome on the mailing list!

Thank you very much :)

> You can focus on translating the tutorial and library/functions first as
> it will be mandatory soon to get the language switcher have your
> translation [1], and gather the community as you're already doing (how many
> are you on the telegram group?). Are you aware of any other
> brasilian/portuguese translation initiative?

We're 57 members right now. I talk to some older members of the community,
but none of them were aware of another initiative.

> You can also create a github repository with your transifex synchronized
> on it as it will be mandatory to get the build bot building your
> translation. Don't hesitate to ask on IRC on #python-doc if you need help
> with the synchronization.

This repository should be created on my own Github account? I'm just
entered at #python-doc (still configuring my IRC bouncer/client to stay
always on).

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