[Doc-SIG] docs.python.org/fr/3.6/ is online!

Julien Palard julien at palard.fr
Wed Jun 28 17:10:52 EDT 2017

This is just a celebration email!! To tell you docs.python.org/fr/3.6/ is online since the recent merge of https://github.com/python/docsbuild-scripts/pull/11 a few hours ago!!!
This mean that for all of us having synchronized your translation to the python organization repository you can now add your language to https://github.com/python/docsbuild-scripts/blob/master/build_docs.py#L48 and have your translation on docs.python.org too (this list use the PEP 545 language tag notation, so: lowercased with dashes).
And for all other translation, this mean that you should push to github.com/python/python-docs-{your_language} soon :)
The next step is https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0545/#create-sphinx-doc-language-switcher if someone want to work on it I'll be welcome.
I'm trying to keep an overview about which language are at which step here https://mdk.fr/blog/python-documentation-translation.html as there's numerous translations (11 now !!).

Julien Palard
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