[Doc-SIG] Translating sample programs in documentation

Xuan Wu fromwheretowhere.service at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 12:36:20 EDT 2018

> It's difficult to distinguish example code and others on Transifex.
> We're targeting 100% translation on Transifex, but it's impossible if
> example codes are included and Japanese team doesn't translate it.

How about including example codes in PO files only when a language team 
asks to? So by default, PO files won't change for locales who prefer to 
use original code, thus your percentage wouldn't be affected.
>> Instead of just my personal preference, benefits of using identifiers in
>> native languages seem to have been proven long time ago, as stated in the
>> rationale part of PEP 3131.
> I think "enabling" to do it and "encouraging" to do it have different bar.
> So I don't agree PEP 3131 is enough reason to do it.

I'd rather not start a debate about whether the benefits are big enough 
to 'encourage' the practice rather than just 'enabling' it, because it 
depends on too many factors like language differences and personal 
experiences. Similar to PEP 3131, here I'm just asking to support such 
practice when translating official documentation, but certainly not 
enforcing it. IMO this feature would be potentially beneficial for other 
languages too.
>> Pitifully I've not seen any active member from
>> Chinese translation team here yet.
> There is no official team yet, but there is zh_CN team on the Transifex.
> See https://www.transifex.com/python-doc/teams/5390/zh_CN/
> I think there is an active community because there are
> many Python developers in China.
> Please build active language team there.  Without official language team,
> we won't add Chinese translation to docs.python.org.

I wonder what's difference between the official team and zh_CN team on 
Transifex? I'd like to see if I could help building the official one.


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