[Doc-SIG] "hello everyone" from a newcomer-Donghui

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Fri Jan 5 15:26:46 EST 2018

Hello Everybody,

​I am Donghui, a Chinese currently studying in Europe as a Ph.D. student. I
have just subscribed to the doc-sig mailing list.

Since last year, I have started using Python for my projects, and I found
Python documents very helpful for me to learn this programming language. I
am also aspired by the amazing free and open-source work associated with
Python project. Thank you all for the wonderful work!

Meanwhile I noticed there are  Japanese and French versions of the document
available beside the English version, but Chinese version doesn't exist
yet.  Previously, Mariatta, one in the python doc mail-list, has forwarded
the Python document translation (PEP545) and doc-sig mailing list to me. I
am very enthusiastic to offer a Chinese translation of the document on the
official website. I hope this knowledge base can be accessed by more people
from China where most people still have difficulty reading technical stuff
in English.

It would be very nice if someone can give me further information on how to
proceed. If any person has started the Chinese translation, I will be very
glad to join and contribute. If not yet, I  would also be very glad to
initiate such a project.

Thanks in advanve!​

*Best Regards!*
*Do​nghui **Zhai *
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