[Doc-SIG] About restructuring Transifex projects

tomo cocoa cocoatomo77 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 14:01:20 EDT 2018

Hi all,

I am a member of Japanese translation team, and
administrating documents along with INADA Naoki.
I send this mail to Doc-SIG in order to have a talk about the Transifex
projects of
the organization "Python document translators" (
with members of translation teams.

We, Naoki and I, are now preparing a Transifex project for Python 3.7
To avoid losing translation history, we will give the project for the newest
version of Python a fixed name such like 'Python' or 'Python-newest', etc.

This restructuring enables to keep translation history,
but requests some work to edit Transifex project configuration.

Diagram: On release of Python 3.8


   Python     (for Python 3.7)
   Python 3.6 (for Python 3.6)


   Python     (for Python 3.8)
   Python 3.7 (for Python 3.7)
   Python 3.6 (for Python 3.6)

Please let me know if you have some opinions or questions.
If this plan sounds good, I will operate the restructuring of Transifex

Best Regards,

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