[Doc-SIG] Migrating translations to 3.7

Julien Palard julien at palard.fr
Thu Jun 28 10:03:11 EDT 2018


We (France) migrated our translations to 3.7, if one want to follow here are the steps we used, here they are:

- We "tx pull"ed transifex first.
- We created the 3.7 git branch based on the 3.6 git branch
- Used our "make merge" [1] to pull upstream pot files to our 3.7 branch (basically `sphinx-build -Q -b gettext` + `msgmerge`). 
- Configured 3.7 as a default branch on github
- Changed the symlink 3 → 3.6 to 3 → 3.7 on docs.iad1.psf.io, so the viewers of docs.python.org/fr/3/ see 3.7 instead of 3.6.6
- Invalidated manually https://docs.python.org/fr/3/_static/documentation_options.js and https://docs.python.org/fr/3/ from fastly so the page and the version switcher display "3.7".

The last two steps I can do them for you, (and yes we should automate them in docsbuild-scripts) don't hesitate to ask me to do them, by email or via IRC (I'm mdk on #python-doc on freenode).

We're fixing fuzzy strings, and will wait for the ja team to update transifex projects so we can "tx push" on it (almost no french are working on tx, we're all working on github).
Julien Palard

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