[Doc-SIG] Coordinate zh_CN Translation

Xiang Zhang angwerzx at 126.com
Mon Oct 22 10:02:17 EDT 2018

Nice to see someone step out to take the responsibility. :-)

I know there are already 2 teams working on Python documentation, one on a personal site and 
one on transifex. Are you already in one of them? Maybe we have already had some chat?

At 2018-10-22 21:09:01, "Julien Palard" <julien at palard.fr> wrote:
>> I would like to get the zh_CN translation work organized.
>9 month ago Xiang Zhang told us he won't get much time on it, so with it's approval I can put you on the list of coordinators for zh_CN.
>> Since I last call for participation in CPyUG mailing-list[1], we now have
>> few people interested. And some work already happens on transifex. The
>> translation coverage really improved a lot last few months.
>Nice to hear!
>> So I'd like to
>> 1.  Create the python-docs-zh-cn repo. Maybe my personal repo
>>     zhsj/python-docs-zh-cn can just migrate to it. My transifex sync script
>>     can also continue to work.
>https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-cn/ created! But github has hard times since like 12 hours and I can't add you as a collaborator on it.
>Feel free to ask it to me again on IRC (I'm mdk) or by email if I forgot once github is back on tracks.
>> 2.  We need more reviewers on transifex zh-CN team[2]. I'd like to be one
>>     first. And I hope I can have privilege to accept new member join request,
>>     since I get feedback that some people get long delay when they request
>>     to join.
>Inada Naoki and Tomo Cocoa (am I spelling it correcly? sry if not) are the owner of the transifex project (in copy of this message). Can you add him?
>>     I may not have sufficient time to do the coordinating work, but I also
>>     didn't see others want to take the job. So I would say I'll do my best
>>     currently. But if others can help, we can work together.
>After years of work on the french translation I can give you an advice: spending time on gathering people to help on the translation is more efficient than translating alone.
>Julien Palard
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