[Doc-SIG] Python docs translation to Lithuanian language

niekas albertasgim at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 07:15:17 EDT 2019


   I want to set up a team of translators to translate Python 
documentation to Lithuanian language. I am a little bit confused about 
the first steps I have to do as a team coordinator. I think Trasifex 
would be enough for Lithuanian team for the beginning.

The steps I have already done:
  - I have requested for Lithuanian language to be added to Python 
translations at https://www.transifex.com/python-doc/public/  and it was 
  - I have requested to be added to the Lithuanian language translation 
  - I have signed the Contributors Agreement 

However I am still not added to Lithuanian translation team. I wonder 
what do I have to do next: wait more time or do I have to create 
`python-docs-lt` repository at my GitHub account?

Best regards,
Albertas Gimbutas

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