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oon arfiandwi oon.arfiandwi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 12:05:13 EDT 2019

Dear Julien and cocoatomo,
thank you for the clear explanation.

On Sun, Oct 20, 2019 at 9:42 PM Julien Palard <julien at palard.fr> wrote:

> About the PSF CLA signing, IANAL but:
> - Simply translating does not require CLA signing thanks to the paragraph
> (from PEP 545) every translation put in their README clearly indicating
> that all the works is in CC0.
> - Producing more that just translations (PR against docsbuild-scripts,
> cpython, psf-salt, or any repo in github.com/python/, linked to the
> translation or not) requires the CLA to be signed and is enforced by a bot.
> - Helping a community (like being a PEP545 coordinator, a transfiex
> coordinator, organizing meetups, and so on) don't require CLA signing.
yes, that is my most concern actually. I don't need to ask other people to
sign the CLA, just to get translation help from them.

> In any cases, or in doubt, I'd say sign it now, so if you need to push
> something in a python related repo in the future, you won't be slowed down
> with the signing process.
and yes, I have signed the CLA. also create an account on bugs.python.org
for any further purpose related to the translation of Python documentation.

oon arfiandwi
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