[Doc-SIG] Transifex resources priority

Maciek Olko maciej.olko at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 16:38:49 EDT 2022

Hello all,

I am wondering if it would be possible to revise Transifex priority values
of resources.

There are three possible values for resource priority on Transifex:

   - medium
   - high
   - and urgent. [1]

Currently all resources on Transifex have priority "high". PEP 545
prioritizes resources that are required for the translation to be included
in language switcher, namely:

   - "bugs",
   - starting with "tutorial--",
   - "library--functions". [2]

Would it be possible to preserve "high" only for those resources plus
"sphinx" resource (messages from Sphinx template) and lower priority of all
other resources to "medium"?

>From my experience resources priority affect the choice of a translator for
an order of translation.

Looking forward to your opinion,
Kind regards,

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