[docs] Extra list comprehension example

Ruud Althuizen ruud at stack.nl
Mon Apr 26 10:42:06 CEST 2010


I was struggling to find an example of list comprehension for a specific
situation. The current examples only show if you want to:
- Use two loops concurently using non-dependent iterations
- Swap values

My situation is related to option 1: use one loop that depends on the other

I found one example[1] that makes obvious what I want to do (I had swapped
the two loops while experimenting):
    [ expression
      for line in open('file.txt')
      for char in line.strip() ]

I believe this would be an helpfull example to add to

1: http://rhodesmill.org/brandon/2009/nested-comprehensions/

Met vriendelijke groet,
Ruud Althuizen
- www.stack.nl
- Unix commissie
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