[docs] Python tutorial Page: errors arise when following examples.

Sean Moore dr.sdmoore at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 18:12:06 CEST 2010


I am new to Python and am working my way through the online tutorial:


I am using a fresh install of IDLE that came bundled when I installed
Python 3.1.2 on a Win7(64) machine.

In the example, the Unicode examples don't work:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Also, the Fibonacci example doesn't work:
the "..." doesn't appear as in the example

instead of:
>>>a, b = 0, 1
>>>while b < 10:

I get:
>>>a, b = 0, 1
>>>while b < 10:

(indent, no dots)

and when I type "print b" at the prompt, I also get a Syntax error.

I suspect that I have something set up wrong, or I missed how to make
the ... show up.

Can this be clarified in the tutorial?

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