[docs] I just discovered you provide RANDOM VARIABLES, is it a template library in C++...?

me syntotic at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 18:26:09 CEST 2010

MY programming code was stolen from me, it included a very well tested and functional random variable library (randomer.h) in the form of a hierarchy of templates linked to a random number generator that promised an interval of 200 million numbers before repetition. Now I see you include random variables! The generator is no longer available in the internet and it even seems the assumed author knew nothing about it... but I have some suspicious that the code you used for this language MAY be the code stolen from me, because of the choosing of a distribution that can be implemented easily with one of my classes. Where can I check the SOURCE CODE TO PYTHON? I would only need to see the random variable sources. Of course I fear my code was changed in between the theft and it usage, but I think I would recognize it even then, and it would be to the interest of BOTH your org and I that this suspicion be solved as it may be pointing to a really organized code thief or some other kind of fraud. I am currently beginning to reimplement the library in a provisional way, but I do HOPE to get my original code back.
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