[docs] [issue10697] host and port attributes not documented well in function urllib.parse.urlparse and urlsplit

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Mon Dec 13 21:48:40 CET 2010

JTMoon79 <jtm.moon.forum.user+python at gmail.com> added the comment:

Doh!  I feel a bit silly.
I didn't notice 'hostname' and 'port' in 
>>> dir(urllib.parse.urlparse(r'http://foo.bar.com:80/blarg?a=1&b=2'))
[... 'count', 'fragment', 'geturl', 'hostname', 'index'
, 'netloc', 'params', 'password', 'path', 'port', 'query', 'scheme', 'username']

I agree, some clarity in the documentation for these overlapping fields (<net_loc>,<port>,<hostname>) would help.



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