[docs] Missing action='help' documentation for the argparse module.

Jurko Gospodnetić jurko.gospodnetic at pke.hr
Tue Dec 21 16:29:14 CET 2010


   In Python 3.2 beta1 & Python 2.7 documentation for the 'argparse' 
module the special value 'help' is not listed for the 
ArgumentParser.add_argument() function's 'action' parameter.

   It causes the argument it is specified for to trigger displaying the 
argument parser's help message and also prevents the parser from 
complaining about any missing or extra command-line parameters.

   Without using this action value it is possible to print out the help 
message programmatically using ArgumentParser.print_help() but there is 
no way to cause the argument parser to not complaing about missing or 
extra command-line parameters.

   Best regards,
     Jurko Gospodnetić

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