[docs] Installation-bug

tamik tamik at welho.com
Sat Oct 23 18:19:57 CEST 2010


I am starting to learn programming with Python
but the installation doesn´t go the way it should.

First I tried D:\PYTHON-installation.
It didn+t work. Oh - it MUST be C then?

C:\wxPython ... no


C:\PYTHON27\ ... no-no-no...

C:\Put a directory on PYTHONPATH here\ ...  NO-NO-NO!

(Of course I tried first the .py-package before
choosing the exe-installation package.)

and I have installed the program also
into directory C:\Put a directory on PYTHONPATH here\
-named directory.  Always the same problem - cannot
find python.exe at the end of the installation.

and SET wxPython=C:\PYTHON27 into autoexec.bat
- but nothing works.

It looks like that my only experience of Python will
be a small box. The box appears at the end of setup.
Why does the box ask that? I do not have
that directory (C:\Put a directory on PYTHONPATH here\)
(and if I had it, there were no python.exe anyhow).
I have C:\PYTHON27-directory chosen by a) writing it (doesn´t work)
b) chosen by clicking the directory name (the same result always)

I have W95->W98 with that older computer where
I tried to install the wxPython. 2) The newer W XP is
that much full of stuff that I chose the older computer.
3) I have Vista64, too, but I use it at my office.
First the older computer - there is room enough, now.

My ONLY wxPython-experience after many hours
still is the same (I think to finish with this language
  wxPython if nothing else is to be experienced?)
- and it is this:

A small box (setup) appears with text:

Unable to execute file:
C:\Put a directory on PYTHONPATH here\python.exe

Create process failed: code 2

Ok, if You can help me, I would be interested to know
more about this language than that. Thanks for help
(WHERE is python.exe after installation????)
(WHY the program always asks about the directory
C:\Put a directory on PYTHONPATH here\
which doesn´t exist, because there is another directory-name.
No such directory and no python.exe there, not even in the
new other-named directory ? I tried to look python.exe
but as yet I have not found it, I´ll continue with that...)

I only know how to operate with very-very-old GWBASIC
program, that has been the only language for 25 years for me.

Now I think, I´ll like to learn Python,JAVA,Jython?  - etc...
Perhaps I am too old (56y), too? :)

I thought to start with Python, but... (problems and tired
and frustrated, see above)

Help please. Thanks a lot for help!

yours sincerely

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