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Alexander Belopolsky <belopolsky at users.sourceforge.net> added the comment:

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 8:27 PM, Terry J. Reedy <report at bugs.python.org> wrote:
> "version of python installed with Tk support.": cap 'python' to 'Python'
> Is there any standard on capitalizing 'Python'?

It looks like it is consistently capitalized in the Python manual.

> -----------
> Turtle motion
> ?? distance units? pixel or world, depending on mode?
> presume yes, but should say something here.
> --------------

I would just use "distance units" and "angle units" throughout the
documentation and explain somewhere how the settings determine the

> There still remains a discrepancy between signature and following doc. If you do not want to change the signature, change the doc. Anyway, the sentence needs to be expanded so it makes sense without reading the generic tkinter bind doc.
> ""add – True, False, or None - if True, add the new binding to any that already exist, otherwise replace all former bindings with the new one."

I would rather change the default to False in both documentation and
the code, but let's hear from Gregor first.

> Same change is needed for onrelease and ondrag
> ----------------------
> You changed the title "Excursus about the use of compound shapes" to "Compound shapes" but did not, as far as I can see, make the same change in the reference in *24.5.5. The public classes of the module turtle* after
> "addcomponent(poly, fill, outline=None)"

I missed that.  I'll rename that section to "Public classes".

> Also, the above should actually be
> "class turtle.addcomponent(poly, fill, outline=None)"
> to be consistent with the other entries

I am not sure what you mean.  AFAICT, addcomponent is a method and
correctly marked as such.

> and so on throughout the section.
> ??  I presume that should be
> "screen.bgcolor(*args)" and so on throughout the section.
> '''
> Not addressed as far as I can see.

I cannot find "turtle.bgcolor".  Can you post a patch with what you
want to change?

[skipped issues for which I would appreciate Gregor's input]

> -----------------------
> Thanks for the other half that are fixed!

I thought I did better than that.


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