[docs] [issue13491] Fixes for sqlite3 doc

Nebelhom report at bugs.python.org
Mon Dec 5 16:59:36 CET 2011

Nebelhom <nebelhom at googlemail.com> added the comment:


thanks for your help and support, mate.

Unfortunately, no word about the createdb.py business (the last bullet
point on the list) and whether it should be referred to in the doc. Should
we just drop this from the adjustments?



P.S. Any suggestions where to look in the doc next until your packaging
patch is ready for reviewing?

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 4:50 PM, Éric Araujo <report at bugs.python.org> wrote:

> Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org> added the comment:
> The updated patch looks good, I’ll commit it soon.
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