[docs] confusing statement in python docs

Tim Behrsin tim at behrsin.com
Tue Feb 22 19:05:06 CET 2011

In section 9.3.4 it states that the following snippet:

xf = x.f
while True:
	print xf()

will print "hello world" until 'the end of time'.

I find this statement to be rather confusing....

If indeed, Python has the ability to generate it's own power, avert natural and societal disasters, and generally be a God, then I think it would be worth stating this in the documentation's foreword. While it is clear that Python is God-like, with its metaprogramming capabilities and other such goodies, able to create order out of chaos, I feel that to actually be God is something quite revolutionary. It would be worth, for example, informing the mass media of such knowledge - they will be highly appreciative of learning the truth, I am sure.

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