[docs] Docs in epub or single-html (without the left menu) format

Santiago Romero sromero at sromero.org
Fri Jan 7 17:46:03 CET 2011

 Hi all.

 First of all, sorry for my poor english.

 I've recently purchased a nice 9 inches e-ink ebook reader and I wanted to
read all python 2.7 documentation by using it, but I've been unable to found
python.org's documents in .epub format. PDF is not usable in ebook readers
because is intended for printing and the "blank" page margins make the
documents almost unreadable.

 On other websites/projects, when I can't find a document in epub format, I
usually download and use the "single html" versions. Unfortunatelly, python
html documentation includes a "left menu" that takes almost 35-40% of the
reading space in my ebook.

 Are the docs going to be "converted" (if possible) to epub or is there a
way to get a single-html version without the left menu?

 Thanks a lot.

Santiago Romero
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