[docs] [issue10934] imaplib: Internaldate2tuple() is documented to return UTC, but it returns local time

Joe Peterson report at bugs.python.org
Wed Jan 19 20:45:15 CET 2011

Joe Peterson <joe at skyrush.com> added the comment:

Hey Alexander,

Looks great.  Just a few small things:

* In hunk 2 of the imaplib.rst file patch section, insert word "to" (i.e. "Convert *date_time* to an IMAP4 ``INTERNALDATE`` representation.")

* Two lines, down there's only one space at end of sentence:  "double-quotes). The" (all other places have 2 spaces).

* In first hunk of imaplib.py patch section, there is a period that does not belong after "tuple":  "time.struct_time tuple. or None"

That's all I saw!  Thanks for expanding on the doc!


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