[docs] [issue11230] "Full unicode import system" not in 3.2

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Wed Jul 6 07:48:04 CEST 2011

John <jh45dev at gmail.com> added the comment:

Sorry for the long delay.

haypo wrote:
  Can you propose a sentence which is more clear about bytes/Unicode?

On this page:
is this line:
"- countless fixes regarding bytes/string issues; among them full support for a bytes environment (filenames, environment variables)"

How about adding to that line something like:
" on UNIX; but on Windows the path to and name of each module you import can contain only characters that are in the ANSI codepage that your Windows is using"

and maybe
" (will be fixed in Python 3.3)"

and maybe (or not) also something like:
" (ANSI codepage = basic latin + other characters of only your own language group)"

-- jh


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