[docs] [issue1626300] 'Installing Python Modules' does not work for Windows

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Mon Jul 18 19:39:35 CEST 2011

Chris Lambacher <chris at kateandchris.net> added the comment:

> I am not sure of the difference between 'local script' and 'global command'

local script is the setup.py (or for that matter any other script in an arbitrary place in the filesystem. Global command is referring to something installed in %PYTHONINSTALLDIR%\scripts i.e. it is an installed command. This one operates on a specific version instance of python. I for instance have c:\python26\scripts\easy_install.exe and c:\python27\script\easy_install.exe and each of those operates on their own particular version. Neither are in my path. The current state is that I have to either put one of the scripts directories in my path or run easy_install with the full path. My understanding is that pysetup is a replacement for easy_install that will come with 3.3.

> I am not sure what 'or does the installer add .py?' could mean. The Windows installer? 'Add' to what? 

I was referring .py being added to the PATHEXT evironment variable. I think it is safe to say that has not happened and is likely a bad idea.


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