[docs] [issue1626300] 'Installing Python Modules' does not work for Windows

Éric Araujo report at bugs.python.org
Tue Jul 26 17:54:53 CEST 2011

Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org> added the comment:

> Windows file associations are so disfunctional that you should not
> depend on them being anything in particular.

Ah.  Do you think I should revert the change I did for distutils docs to recommend running “setup.py spam”?  I followed the opinion of the original poster (first message).

> 'python -m module' (which looks for module under /Lib).
Not only under Lib, but along sys.path.

> In XP, and I presume later, the term 'DOS box' is obsolete and I
> would delete it. The 'Command Prompt' app (with caps) is found in
> the Start/Accessories directory. So I would say "open a Command
> Prompt window (in Start/Accessories)"
Thanks, I will change this term.  I won’t put the menu path however, it could change in any version.

> I am not sure of the difference between 'local script' and
> 'global command'.
Chris replied to that: local script is setup.py in a directory you probably just got from unzipping a file downloaded from PyPI, global command is pysetup3, installed alongside idle3, pydoc3 and others.

>> In order to run pysetup commands, you need to add the Python
>> Scripts directory to your PATH *include link to relevant section
>> of docs.python.org/using*.
> I do not understand your proposed note, especially "*include link to
> relevant section of docs.python.org/using*.".
The docs instruct to run pysetup commands, like “pysetup list” or “pysetup install Sphinx”.  On UNIX, the script will be available after install just like pydoc or idle.  On Windows, I don’t know.  The goal of my note was to tell people to add the Scripts directory to their PATH, so that they can run “pysetup list” and co.

The *insert* part meant:  At this place I will put a link to the “Using Python on...” docs, i.e. http://docs.python.org/using/windows#configuring-python (which explain how to edit PATH).

(Saying pysetup vs. pysetup3 is another unrelated doc bug.)

> Script run without extensions when run with an explicit python
> command.
Like “python.exe setup” when the file really is setup.py?  I’d never have guessed that.

> I am not sure what 'or does the installer add .py?' could mean.
Do the Windows installers for CPython found on python.org install idle, pydoc and other scripts as “pydoc” or “pydoc.py”?

> I realize that my answers may appear naive. I hope usefully so.
They’re very useful.

> I have used Windows since Win95 and have learned to focus, as
> described above, on what dependably works with minimal surprise.
This is a very useful standpoint.

> I have never used setup.py so no expert advice on its successor from
> me.
It’s okay, I added you because you can comment on how scripts and programs work, and review my English.


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