[docs] [issue11836] multiprocessing.queues.SimpleQueue is undocumented

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Mon Nov 14 20:50:20 CET 2011

sbt <shibturn at gmail.com> added the comment:

> Well, the sentinels argument, right now, is meant to be used 
> internally. I don't think it's a good thing to document it, 
> since I don't think it's a very clean API (I know, I introduced 
> it :-))

Wouldn't a better alternative be to have a wait function which can deal with readable pipe connections and integer handles?

On Unix this would just delegate to select().

On Windows it could work as follows:
* initiate an overlapped read on each connection
* call WaitForMultipleObjects()
* cancel each overlapped read
* continue any read which succeeded but only gave a partial message
* store read messages on associated connection objects

I did start on such a patch.  It worked, but I did not get round to writing tests for it...

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