[docs] [issue10318] "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs

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Wed Nov 23 23:26:08 CET 2011

Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com> added the comment:

Hmm, interesting mailing list post - I hadn't thought about how the auto-initialisation of sys.path[0] aligns with the Windows vs Unix difference in PATH handling (i.e. whether or not the current directory is considered to be on PATH), with Python coming down in favour of the usually-more-convenient-but-less-secure Windows approach.

We have -S to disable all site processing, -s to disable user site packages and -E to ignore PYTHONPATH and PYTHONHOME - perhaps there should be another flag to skip the auto-initialisation of sys.path[0]. I may include something along those lines in PEP 395.


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