[docs] [issue13443] wrong links and examples in the functional HOWTO

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Mon Nov 28 00:55:01 CET 2011

A.M. Kuchling <lists at amk.ca> added the comment:

Yes, linking to the functional module was to point people to a module that might be useful, even if it's not in the stdlib.  A numeric processing or socket handling HOWTO would also pretty much have to link to non-stdlib sources.  The purpose of documentation is to be useful to the reader, so I think if linking to something external would be reasonably useful, we should do it.

Another motivation for linking was to provide alternative explanations; if the reader finds the Functional HOWTO boring or too superficial or too complicated, maybe an alternative discussion like Mertz's "Text Processing" will fit their brain better.  (At least until those alternative sources become so outdated that they're useless...)


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