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Michael McLeod mmcleod at pc-1.co.uk
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Where: Programming FAQ
: Is it possible to write obfuscated one-liners in Python?

# Primes < 1000

print(list(filter(None,map(lambda y:y*reduce(lambda x,y:x*y!=0,

map(lambda x,y=y:y%x,range(2,int(pow(y,0.5)+1))),1),range(2,1000)))))


# Mandelbrot set
print((lambda Ru,Ro,Iu,Io,IM,Sx,Sy:reduce(lambda x,y:x+y,map(lambda y,
Iu=Iu,Io=Io,Ru=Ru,Ro=Ro,Sy=Sy,L=lambda yc,Iu=Iu,Io=Io,Ru=Ru,Ro=Ro,i=IM,
Sx=Sx,Sy=Sy:reduce(lambda x,y:x+y,map(lambda x,xc=Ru,yc=yc,Ru=Ru,Ro=Ro,
i=i,Sx=Sx,F=lambda xc,yc,x,y,k,f=lambda xc,yc,x,y,k,f:(k<=0)or (x*x+y*y
>=4.0) or 1+f(xc,yc,x*x-y*y+xc,2.0*x*y+yc,k-1,f):f(xc,yc,x,y,k,f):chr(
))))(-2.1, 0.7, -1.2, 1.2, 30, 80, 24))


Both use reduce but they now show: 

NameError: global name 'reduce' is not defined



Now  functools  need to be imported.

So now the above should be 2 liners or can you get the import in there?



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