[docs] Confusing comment in docs for 3.2.2 section 2.1

AJ Hill ajhill007 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 14:55:29 CEST 2011

To the wonderful folks who look after the Python docs,

There is a confusing comment in the last paragraph of section 2.1, Invoking
the Python Interpreter, of the 3.2.2 docs.

Here is the page URL:


Here is the text I am referring to:

When a script file is used, it is sometimes useful to be able to run the
> script and enter interactive mode afterwards. This can be done by passing -i
> before the script. (This does not work if the script is read from standard
> input, for the same reason as explained in the previous paragraph.)

The last sentence refers to the previous paragraph (copied here):

Some Python modules are also useful as scripts. These can be invoked using
> python -m module [arg] ..., which executes the source file for module as if
> you had spelled out its full name on the command line.

I do not see the connection; it does not seem to explain why you can run a
script and enter interactive mode, but not if the script is included through
standard input.

Thanks again for the wonderful documentation - hope my comments are useful /

Best regards,

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